Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sorry honey, no sympathy

My husband is currently mad. Not really at me - more at our son. And I have zero sympathy for him.

I shouldn't say zero sympathy - I have a little. Remember when I said my husband has issues? Yeah... last night he woke up in the middle of the night with bad heartburn. It started to panic him a little; not quite a panic attack, but he woke me up to say his heart was racing and he couldn't sleep. He wound up getting up and when I got up at about 3:45 with G, he was sitting at his computer and still couldn't calm down enough to go back to bed. That part, I have sympathy for.

He came home during his lunch to take a nap. The boys and I were on our way home from the gym, so he was in bed when we got here. I got the boys lunch, etc. and after getting D settled with a video, I went upstairs to put G down for his nap.

While I was getting G down, D came upstairs upset, trying to get my attention. Turns out his movie had skipped (DVD is probably dirty). He knows he's not supposed to come in G's room when its naptime, so he wandered around whining and eventually realized Daddy was home. I guess at that point, he came into our room and started whining at my husband for help. My husband, being tired from the night before and grouchy at being woken up, yelled at him and told him to go back downstairs. Eventually he must have, because when I came out of G's room, D was back to his movie.

At that point it was time for D's quiet time, so I brought him upstairs, read him his books, and so on. He was fine in his room, so I wanted to get a quick shower. While I was in the shower, D apparently came out of his room to go potty. He's capable of doing it by himself, but lately he's pretty insistent on wanting help - or perhaps he just wants company, I don't know. In any case, he found Daddy again and got upset when Daddy told him to get back to his room.

I came out and found D sobbing on the bathroom floor and my husband was gone. I got D calmed down, helped him go potty and got him back to his room to finish quiet time. Then I got on IM to talk to my husband and figure out what on earth happened - considering he'd disappeared without so much as a goodbye.

So he's mad; he's mad that D woke him up a couple times and wouldn't leave him alone. He's really tired, and obviously that's making his fuse a lot shorter. But geez, dude. Welcome to my world! Oh no, the kids won't leave you alone? Ah, poor baby. That's so tragic. I mean seriously, when I don't get any sleep, do I get to lock myself in our room and take a nap regardless of what else is going on in the house? What does he expect?

I get that he's tired, and his night did suck (although even that was self inflicted - he keeps eating things he KNOWS his stomach can't tolerate). But now he's all upset because his nap didn't work out and I just can't find any sympathy for that. Yeah, we have kids and they mess things up - even when we're tired, or sick or just need a break. We can't always get that nap we really need, or take the break we are craving. That's called being a parent.

Bleh - he's such a GUY sometimes.

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