Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just open registartion already!

Although it still feels weird to call myself an "athlete", I like to do triathlons. Yeah, you know, those crazy races where you swim, then hop on your bike, then run. Apparently I like pain. And I'm a little nutty.

I'm not some crazy uber athlete. I'm not even very fast. Ok, so I'm actually rather slow. But I've embraced my slowness (sort of) and hey, at least I'm out there!

I did two triathlons in '06. Two weeks (literally) after I did my "big" one (the race I originally decided to do and trained long and hard to finish) I got pregnant with G. So I've been sidelined since then and am bound and determined to get back on the bandwagon this year. You know, before I go and get myself knocked up again.

I'm planning for three races this year. Two of them are small, local races, being held by my YMCA. The first is in April and is all indoor; I have yet to find out what the distances are, but they've done them in the past and they're pretty short. The second one is in May, also based at my Y. Should be fun, although I'm really hoping they changed the bike course - it was SO hilly last time!

But my biggie is the Danksin women's triathlon. It will be in August and it was the big race me, my friend Laura and my mom all did in '06. It was my mom's crazy idea to try a triathlon, and I've thanked her more than once for talking me into it. To call it life-changing might sound cliche, but it's also quite true. I've never been athletic, or even in very good shape, and training for a tri sure changed that!

In any case, I really, really want to do the Danskin again this year. They have several races around the country, including Seattle. Only one location has had their registration open (Orlando) and it sold out in less than 24 hours. So I'm totally paranoid that I'm going to miss it. Their website has said "Registration for Remaining Races Will Open Soon" for weeks now and it's making me crazy. I just want to get registered so I can relax about it!

Obviously not the biggest worry I have in my life, but I'm hoping by some sort of trick of the universe that if I bitch about it online, registration will magically open tomorrow morning and I'll get in.


My only race is to get to sleep before the baby wakes said...

I hope you get in, because I love hearing about your training and how you do in the races. Then again, there is the right reason for hoping you get in - because of what it means to YOU.

I think it's awesome you're doing these!!!

Anonymous said...

I just know you will do great with this!! I wish you well. You were always an inspiration to me!!

Pamela said...

I hope you blog about your experience.
You got me off my butt and exercising and trying to run!! Still working on that.
I just know you will do well,