Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feed me, Mommy!

G is a chunk of a baby. When we recently had to take him to the doctor, he weighed 21lbs 9oz. I expect at his 9 month checkup next week, he'll be 22lbs. I don't know when D hit 22lbs, but it was long after turning one. In fact, I put G to bed tonight in jammies that I have pictures of D wearing at 15 months old.

Anyway, people are always commenting on how big he is and I've had so many people tell me "he's going to be an eater!" Up to recently, 99.9% of that glorious baby chub was mommy-milk produced. He's been exclusively breastfed since birth. At six months we gave solids a try, but he wasn't interested. His gag reflex took a while to calm, and his recent illness made him gaggier than ever. So, much to the surprise of the casual onlooker, he wasn't a big eater - at least of solid foods.

Until now.

I tell you, the last few days that boy has decided solids are good and he wants to eat! It's hysterical. I'm so used to D, who subsists on a handful of crackers and a few cups of milk a day (ok, that's not quite true, but he doesn't eat much). Even as a baby, D wasn't a big eater. He never, ever finished a jar of babyfood or a cup of yogurt in a sitting. His little body just doesn't need much fuel; he's perfectly healthy, growing and developing normally.

G, on the other hand, just may prove everyone right and be a big eater. He apparently likes the plum-banana-oatmeal combo we tried tonight because he devoured almost the entire jar. And he still nursed 15 minutes later when I put him to bed! He's been going crazy for those banana fruit puffs, although he gags less often if I give him half of one at a time. But still - he was reaching out for the canister and almost biting my finger off every time I gave him one.

I guess I'm going to be continually amazed at the differences in my boys. G is so different from D; I've been saying that since the day he was born, you'd think I'd be used to it by now.

I think my husband and I should start saving now so we can afford to feed them when they're teenagers.

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