Thursday, January 10, 2008

My stroller addiction

Some people are addicted to coffee, some chocolate, some late night trips to Taco Bell. I am addicted to strollers.

Prior to today, I owned three, all of which I purchased before G was even born. One child and three strollers... sure, makes sense. I started with one, my Graco which came as part of the travel system I got at my baby shower before D was born. Then I added a jogging stroller - a really nice BOB Ironman which actually got a lot of use when I was training for my triathlon. And when I was pregnant with G I bought a cheap umbrella stroller; I needed something light and easy to lift so I could more easily take D out and about with me. The last thing I needed was to be chasing after my toddler while I was big and pregnant.

Add to that a wagon, backpack, baby bjorn, bike trailer and sling and you have way too many baby transport items in one garage.

But today, I added to my collection. But I have to back up...

I am a chronic overthinker. I obsess over the simplest decisions, research the crap out of everything and generally make myself crazy in the process. It's one of my larger insanities. I've been eyeing the Baby Trend Sit-n-Stand stroller literally for months. When I was pg with G, we decided not to spring for a double stroller right away, being unsure as to whether we'd need one. We didn't put D in a stroller much anymore; he usually prefers to walk, and we've spent many an outing with him pushing an empty stroller, or me pushing a diaper bag. So a double stroller seemed like an unnecessary expense, at least until we knew whether it would get much use.

When G was smaller, I carried him around in a sling a lot; there were plenty of times when I'd sling G and have D in the Graco. A double stroller didn't seem necessary. But then G started to grow - and grow and grow and grow! That kid is huge! My little guy became an almost 20lb 6 month old in no time flat (he clears 20lbs now). That's a lot of baby to be strapping to your hip!

So I started looking at double strollers, "just to see what's out there." Yeah, right. I found the Baby Trend and my heart did a little leap - it wasn't a real double, but could fit both kidlets. And didn't cost an arm and a leg - this one had possiblities!

Proceed to obsessive overthinking. I looked at it on various websites; tried to find different pictures, different angles. Found the best possible deal, just in case I actually decided to buy one. I told my husband about it, and he was lukewarm on the idea - not helping me at all. I tried to picture outings with the thing, and without it. Whenever I went somewhere with both boys, I wondered if the trip would have been easier with the stroller. Sometimes, it felt like it would be. Other times, well, I don't know.

This went on for literally a couple of months. See, I'm insane. I couldn't decide if I'd buy it and end up regretting spending the cash. I hate feeling buyers remorse, especially when it's something I have to talk my husband into getting. He just kept laughing at me and shaking his head at my "stroller obsession" (his words).

Finally, a week or so ago, the four of us went to the mall. We had G in the umbrella stroller, which has zero features except to hold the baby and allow me to push; it's even too short for my husband to push it comfortably. David was alternately walking, whining to be picked up, riding on Daddy's shoulders, and then whining because his legs fell asleep. We got home from that little trip and I was drawn inexorably to my computer - to once again look at the damn stroller.

I ended up ordering it as much because I wanted it and truly think it will be useful, as to get the stupid thing off my mind. All right, already, I'll order you! Just get out of my freaking head! I was sick of debating and wondering and obsessing, so I just freaking did it.

It came today and it was like feeding an addiction. The UPS guy rang the doorbell and I knew it must be my stroller! (Not like I'd been tracking the package everyday... no, of course not). I ripped into the box, even though I'd been on my way upstairs to put G down for a nap. C'mon kid, you can wait 10 more minutes while I put this thing together! I got the wheels snapped on, the canopy in place and the tray attached. There it was, in all it's glory. My Baby Trend Sit-n-Stand in blue check. Ah, the things that make moms happy.

The entire time I was putting the thing together, D was clamouring to get on and take a ride. Finally, I let him on and I think he was more excited than I was! He wanted me to put G in and then push them around, so we went outside and rode up and down the street a little. (And if you knew me when D was a baby, you'd be shocked that I'd put off G's nap long enough to do all this!)

So there you have it, stroller #4. It's pretty awesome though, and I think we'll get a lot of use out of it. And like my husband said, we're hoping for a baby #3, so by that time G will be old enough to ride on the sit-n-stand part, D will be too big for a stroller, and the littlest one will be riding up front.

Although, am I kidding myself that I'd actually be going anywhere with three kids? Hmmm...

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Don't you want me, baby? said...

Don't fool yourself, there will be times you take them all out. Perhaps mostly when your hubby can go with you, but I can totally see you taking trips to the park, going for walks in the neighborhood, etc. It's not like your need to get out of the house will become REDUCED with three. Plus, you need something to strap them into so you have one hand free to call me.

BTW, the name on this one called to mind a song, which had me dancing a bit when it ran through my head, which caused my daughter to look at me like I'd lost it and ask "are you dancing? WHY are you dancing?"

All your fault.