Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now that would be ironic

So the wedding I'm not too excited about? It's this Saturday, but we may not be going. Not because of any drama, real or perceived, not because we don't genuinely want to be there. Because it's raining enough that I'm considering building an ark and the major freeway that would get us there is supposed to close tonight. It might not open for four days.

There are a number of major rivers between us and the city where the wedding is supposed to take place (about 2 1/2 hours south of us) and basically every river in this half of the state is flooding today. Luckily our house is fine; we don't live near enough to a river that our property is in danger, but mere miles from us everyone is being evacuated. And it's the same everywhere. I haven't seen flooding this bad in, well, maybe ever. We're getting record setting rainfall just after an early winter storm that dumped snow everywhere. The mountain passes are closed, and other freeways are closing down as well.

As weird and awkward as things have gotten for me with my BIL and future SIL, I don't actually want to miss their wedding. And if we're unable to get there, that essentially means that NONE of my husband's family will be able to get there, since they all live north of the point on the freeway that is closing.

They've said before that their wedding will happen regardless of weather and regardless of people not being able to make it. But when they (and by they, I mean her) said that, I'm sure they were thinking of snow and ice, not major freeways being washed out by flood waters. Literally all the groomsmen wouldn't be there, and neither would three of the five bridesmaids. But how do you reschedule a wedding you've been planning for almost a year and a half when it's three days away?

I hope it all works out ok. It's possible there are other routes to take, although they'd take at least twice as long. And there's the problem of the mountain passes; one other route down there that comes to mind would involve crossing a pass, and that isn't happening either. So I just don't know.

If it turns out no one from up here can get there, I seriously hope they postpone it. As heartbreaking as it would be, I think it would be far worse to go ahead with the wedding with over half the people not there. Part of me can't imagine that happening, but part of me wonders if A (BIL's fiance) would say screw it and make him do it anyway. Of course, her sister is among those who wouldn't be able to get there, so that makes it less likely... But I don't know...

I guess we'll see what happens in the next day or so. But is sure would be ironic if we couldn't get there.

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