Sunday, July 6, 2008

Watch out nose

I just may pierce my nose.

For the record - I am not a piercing kind of gal. People who know me IRL would probably be pretty surprised to know I'm contemplating a nose ring. I have my ears pierced, and once upon a time I had three holes in the left and two in the right; but I haven't worn more than one set of earrings in a long time, so the extra holes are pretty well closed up. But other than that, I don't have anything - no piercings, no tattoos, nothing.

I got to thinking - I sort of wish I'd have done a few more funky things with my appearance when I was younger. Why didn't I dye my hair crazy colors or pierce my belly button or something? I don't know... And while I don't think I could pull off pink streaks in my hair now, I think a little stud in my nose could be cute. I'd hate to go another 10 years and look back and wonder why I didn't - and really feel like I was too old to get it done at that point.

My husband doesn't have a problem with it. I thought for sure he'd look at me like I was nuts when I brought it up. But he doesn't care either way, really. If I want one, he's fine with it; if I never did, that would be fine too. That fact actually made me even more inclined to go for it; I half expected him to try to talk me out of it and when he didn't, I thought, what the heck!

However, I don't want to look like I'm trying to be something I'm not. I'm not edgy or hip. But I don't want to completely fade into suburban soccer-momminess either. I'm something of a rocker chick at heart and I think it would be fun to do something a little crazy - at least crazy for me.

So look out nose, you just might be getting a needle jammed through you soon. Yes, it's probably going to hurt like hell, but my sister-in-law swears getting her ears pierced hurt worse. Of course, she might just be telling me that to convince me to do it. I'm not all that worried about the pain though. I've birthed two babies, one without any drugs - I think I can handle a needle through my nose.

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~STEISE~ said...

Ear piercing DOES hurt worse.


Make sure you post a pick of the cute stud you pick, OK?