Thursday, July 3, 2008

Apparently we're weaning

Well, I think we're weaning, LOL! I laugh because after all my stress and wondering how, when, etc. things are just happening more or less naturally.

Writing my recent post about breastfeeding actually helped me to sort things out in my head quite a bit. I like it when that happens - I write it all out and suddenly instead of this quagmire of churning thoughts burning a hole in my head, I get some clarity. I realized I'm starting to feel ready to be done and I'm ok with that - no guilt that it's "my thing," no worries about how long it will take. I just figured I'd try a few things, see how he does, and go from there.

So anyway, I decided to try limiting his nursings to just four a day - first thing in the morning, before nap, mid-afternoon and bedtime. Those were the most regular, with a couple other random ones thrown in here and there. He's basically sleeping through the night now, so the night nursings are out too (and I say "basically" because when he does wake up, it's usually in the early morning and he's at the point where he wouldn't go back to sleep even if I did try to nurse him back down). That went fine - there were a few times the first day or two when he was fussy or clingy and I probably would have nursed him, but I just gave him a sippy or a snack or both and he was totally fine. No biggie.

Then there were a few days in a row where, simply because we were out and about and busy, we missed the mid-afternoon nursing. He was fine without it, so I went with it and stopped offering. The first day he probably wanted to nurse, but I gave him his sippy and he was fine - drank some milk and went about his business playing. Easy cheesey.

He's been less and less interested in nursing at all this last week. Case in point, he's only nursed once in the last 24 hours (or more?). He refused at bedtime last night, nursed this morning for a while, refused at naptime and refused again at bedtime. I can't be making much milk at all anymore (which is probably part of why he's not interested) because I don't feel the least bit full. Crazy, huh. So I'm going with it. I'll offer in the morning, but I might not at nap and bedtime from now on. We'll see though - I might try at naptime tomorrow and see what happens.

Anyway, it's going really smoothly for both of us. Sure, it's bittersweet, but I'm surprisingly ok with it. A lot of that has to do with how he's doing - he's totally fine, which makes it so much easier. I feel like he's giving me this window of opportunity where he's pretty uninterested in nursing, so I'm going to take it. It will be sad when it's over, but not so sad that I feel the need to keep going. I'm ready, he seems pretty ready and so there you go.

OMG, I might actually get my body back for a while? What a concept!


Mandy said...

Sounds like the two of you are making weaning easy on each other. Awesome. :D I'm glad it's going well.

Erica said...

Just think of all the cold medicines you can have!!!

I dream of the day. I am going to CVS and buying all cold relief medicine. And taking them whenever I so much as sniffle. I've been pregnant or nursing since 2004. Killing me!!

I'm also glad that it is going well :)