Saturday, July 26, 2008

It must be genetic

My 3 1/2 year old son has recently developed a fascination with Transformers. He's never seen the cartoon, nor the movie. His introduction to them has probably come in the form of my husband, who has an old-school Optimus Prime (and from a kid perspective it's one of those inexplicable toys that isn't available for playing, and just sits on a shelf for people to look at; seriously, when I was a kid I could not fathom why grown ups would have toys that no one was allowed to play with. But I digress), and from our friends' boys, who are a bit older and into that sort of stuff.

In any case, my husband bought him his own Optimus Prime toy and he's barely put the thing down to go pee since he got it; it even sat on his nightstand last night when he went to bed. He's crazy about it.

Earlier, he was playing with it and had a few other toys on the couch who were apparently playing the role of "bad guys", including Megatron. I'm telling you, the most violent and grown up movie he's ever seen is the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that came out a few years ago, so I seriously don't know where he gets some of this stuff. He usually watches Disney flicks or Playhouse Disney cartoons.

Using his "good guy voice": Megatron, you need to stop that right now!
"Bad guy voice": No, I'm not.
Good guy: That's it, I have to destroy you.
Bad guy: No way. I'll get you first.

Proceed with toys banging into each other simulating an epic battle of good and evil.

Bad guy: Say goodbye to your planet!
Good guy: I will crush you!
Bad guy: Ahhhhhhhh!

Good guy smacks into bad guy and bad guy goes flying across the room.

In regular D voice: "Mom, Optimus Prime just saved the world."
That's great, baby. I'm glad he's on our side.

"Say goodbye to your planet"? Where on earth did he hear that? Seriously, it has to be genetic. He will play these crazy games where toys fight each other and he can make a gun out of anything. It blows me away. I think if I gave him a baby doll, he'd dub it a good guy and make it fight his Shredder action figure.


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