Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my 31st birthday!

I love birthdays. I hope I never reach an age where I dread my birthday; they're way too much fun to dread. I kind of doubt I'll ever reach that point, although I can't speak for how I'll feel when I'm older I guess. But I try to approach life and getting older with a practical viewpoint - getting older is just something we all do and it certainly beats the alternative.

I suppose my love of birthdays stems from my childhood love of attention. I admit it, I like to be in the spotlight a little bit. I was a ham when I was a kid (gee, I wonder where D gets it from...) and although I no longer jump in front of the camera to make silly faces, I do admit to liking some attention. So having a day that is all about me, well what can I say, that's a good time!

Turning 31 is a bit strange, in a way. I feel that I'm now firmly entrenched in my 30's. Turning 30 was that big milestone where you exit a decade and enter another. But somehow 31 seems more significant. It's a reminder that after a big birthday number, like 30, you still keep going.

I feel good about it though. I feel like I should be 31, if that makes any sense. I have a husband of almost 9 years, two kids, a mortgage, a big swingset in my backyard, a retirement account, and a mini-van. That's a pretty grown up life; I'm glad I'm living this life now, instead of a decade ago.

Ten years ago, when I turned 21, I was in college. My husband (to be) and I were together, but not even engaged yet. We lived together in a little apartment just off campus, with our good friend (he and his wife now live next door to us, are Godparents to our kids, etc.). My life was full of classes and my part time job at a gym daycare. I had a little beat up car, walked to school every day rain or shine, rented a lot of movies since it was cheap entertainment and visited my family sometimes on the weekends. I LOVED college; academics fit me like a glove. I loved that stage of my life, and although I miss it in some ways, I know that moving back to that town or even going back to school for my masters or another degree would never bring it back. There was something special about being young, in love, in college... There was a freedom we had, despite not having much money. We had a lot of fun, some good times and some tough times, but overall it was a great period in my life.

Now is proving to be another great period in my life. I have two amazing children, a nice home, a great husband. He has a good job, and I'm able to stay home with our kids. My life is full of diapers, naps, toys, toys and more toys, walks to the park and bike riding; lunches at McDonald's with happy meal toys, crockpot dinners and classes at the Y. I'm really grateful for all I have and that I get to enjoy the unique experience of motherhood.

Wow, that got a lot more introspective than I intended. I was going to stick with "Its my birthday, yay for me!" LOL

Ahh, birthdays. Now if someone could remind G that he needs to take his afternoon nap - after all it is Mommy's birthday - that would be great.


Erica said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!

mandy said...

Sometimes I feel like grownup life happened when I wasn't looking, and occasionally I feel like I'm wearing someone else's shoes, but most of the time (like you) it jut seems to fit)

I'm glad you got to do something fun last night and I hope you got the attention you love (and deserve).

akhoosier said...

Happy birthday Claire - a little late, but still heart felt! :)