Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Feeling better

Good news: G is better. Phew! His fever was quite a bit lower yesterday, but still slightly elevated. I called the phone nurse again and they recommended bringing him in. I didn't think it was really necessary, but I did anyway. Turns out I was right, but that's ok. By the time we saw a doctor, his temp was normal; it's the law of doctor visits. But we did rule out any other issues, like an infection, so I suppose it wasn't a total waste.

So now he's extra tired, although he slept MUCH better last night (hence, I did too). In fact, I went to bed early last night with the baby monitor OFF. My husband was on G-watch and would come get me if needed. He woke a couple of times early on, but went back to sleep himself without too much fuss, so I got a few hours of sleep (in a row!). When he woke around midnight, I went to him thinking I'd nurse him back to sleep that time. He didn't nurse long enough for my milk to let down! Thanks buddy, for confirming my suspicion that you aren't hungry that early in the night. After that he slept until 6, when he did nurse, and then woke up for the day just before 7. All in all, not bad. I actually feel like a person again today - without caffeine!

Luckily he's taking a good nap this afternoon; it's giving me a little time to catch up on everything I didn't get done this weekend. Such is the life of a mom! It never ends...

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Jessica (squawky) said...

So glad G is feeling better! :) And that you both slept more last night.