Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just putting it out there

I've attempted journals over and over. I came to one distinct conclusion long ago; as much as I love paper journals, I'm useless at keeping them. I type so much faster than I can write with a pen; my brain moves too fast for my hand. I get bored and frustrated too quickly and stop writing in them. At least with a computer journal, I can get the thoughts out of my mind as quickly as I need to.

I'm putting this out there for a few reasons, one being that there's an allure to the possibility that random people might actually read my thoughts. Keeping a journal on my computer is nice for me, but unless I actively try to share it, no one else will read it. My life is not so filled with drama that I need a secret diary kept under lock and key. My existence is pretty basic. Diapers. Tantrums. Trips to the Y and the park. I may whine about my husband now and again, but he'll know when I'm doing it, since I'm likely to have been yelling in his direction shortly beforehand.

So here I am, and feeling a little sheepish about posting an "introduction" as my first blog post - especially since I know I'm just another random mom of little kids putting out a blog, thinking what I say might be important to someone. Just one of millions, I suppose.

But that's ok. Mostly I just need the writing practice.


Family of 4 said...

Good for you! Enjoy your new e-journal!

BP said...

I'll look forward to reading!