Thursday, November 29, 2007


A few weeks ago I answered an ad for freelance writers. It's for a retail website that sells baby and child products. The ad said they were looking for a few writers to add content to their site. Part of the ad said, "We realize that many potential customers in our market, new moms, are also interested in part-time work that can be completed at their own speed on their own schedules. If this sounds like you and you have a writing background, please forward your resume and samples of - or links to - your work." Um, hello? ME! ME! Pick ME!

I hate it when I find something that sounds so perfect and it doesn't happen.

I know that if I really start putting myself out there as a freelance writer, I'm going to experience a lot of rejection. A lot. That's fine, I have thick enough skin that I can take it. But I still can't help but be disappointed by this one. I browse ads for writers every couple of days, and unfortunately I didn't see this one until it had been posted for about a week. It's likely that by the time I sent my work to them, they'd already hired the writer or writers they needed. It could be that they got 1,000 responses and mine was at the bottom of the pile. Or it could be that they read over my sample articles and hated them, and promplty deleted my email.

I like to think it's one of the first two.

I feel like I'm a good enough writer to get paid for what I do. Clearly I need to spend a lot more time looking for writing jobs, as much for the experience as for the money. It's tough getting something like this off the ground when I'm busy with two young kids. But I know I can do this. I know I'm good enough to be successful. This is what I do!

I'm bummed because the prospect of being able to write about something as relevant to me as parenting, and actually get paid for it, was enough to make my mouth water. This sounded like such a great gig, and for all I can tell, I didn't get it.

I know this won't be the last disappointment I encounter. I'm ok with that. I just wish this one had come through. But who knows, maybe at some point down the road I'll realize it was a blessing in disguise. Maybe the next great opportunity is right around the corner.

I'll be watching.

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