Saturday, November 24, 2007

Don't people RSVP anymore?

Whatever happened to RSVP'ing?

Tomorrow is G's baptism. I sent out cute invitations with his sweet, smiling face, complete with a request that people RSVP to me, either by phone or email. And yes, I included both phone and email, even though these are all going to people who undoubtedly have both.

I've had a total of two RSVPs, out of about 30 invitations. Both were "no". Lovely.

So I have no clue how many people I should really expect. I may have tons of food leftover; or I may be sending my dad out to the store on the way home from church. I guess we'll see.

It's just annoying that in this day and age, where you can email or text someone at the touch of a button, a simple, "Sure, we'll be there!", or "Sorry, can't make it" would be so difficult. Heck, I'd even settle for a "Y" or "N" sent to my cell phone, if that would help me know how much freaking food to buy!

I expect this kind of thing from my IL's. They aren't exactly known for their adherence to ettiquette. But out of all the rest, only two? A few people did say they weren't coming when I saw them at Thanksgiving (yep, more no's), but that leaves about 20 that I'm unsure of.

I know, there are worse problems to have. I guess I should just hope that a few show up. Poor second kids, don't get near the hooplah. Thursday was G's first Thanksgiving and we took a grand total of zero pictures. But for that one, I blame sleep deprivation.

The next invitation I get, I'm going to be the first to RSVP.

No, really... I will.

Ok, maybe not. But I'll at least respond.

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