Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random thoughts at 35-ish weeks

I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow. We're hitting the point where it could be two more weeks (although I doubt it will be that soon), or it could be 6 more weeks (again, sort of doubt it will be quite that long, but you never know). Like I've said a million times now, my boys were 5 days and 10 days early (or 8 and 10 depending on which due date I use for D), so it is very easy to assume she'll be born about a week early. But you just never know and I want to be prepared to be pregnant longer, so I'm not too disappointed if she comes later.

However, I have to admit, it is going to feel awfully good to not be pregnant anymore. And for the record, my prediction is August 24th. Which I'm sure means it won't be that day.

Today hasn't been bad contraction-wise, but I still get a lot of them. I already feel like I've been flirting with early labor for weeks, and I have weeks left to go. You'd think this would give me a little jump start on dilation, but if this pregnancy is anything like my last two, I'll be closed up tight until the last minute despite my uterus's love affair with a certain braxton hicks.

If it weren't for my house being air conditioned, I think I would die. It was darn near 100 today, if not slightly above. That is seriously hot, especially when you don't have a lake to jump in like we did in Chelan last week. It was this hot there, but there's something about being on vacation and having a pool and a nice clear lake to swim in that makes such high heat a lot more bearable - fun, even.

I'm down to weekly doctor appointments now. I have the next 5 scheduled, but I'm hoping I only make it to the next four. Either tomorrow or next week he'll be doing a quick ultrasound to check to make sure she's head down and growing like she should be. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about it - I'm fully entrenched in the daughter mentality, if there's actually a penis it's going to seriously freak me out. I guess I'm still feeling like it's too good to be true. I've been brave enough to start putting clothes away, but I haven't taken any tags off, nor washed anything, and the receipts are all still there. I do hope we get another good look so maybe I can let go of that last little bit of "what if" anxiety. I tell ya, I'm going to laugh at myself about this later.

I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't getting nervous about having a newborn again. Getting? Maybe I have been all along, to some degree.

Counting down the weeks and they're flying by....


Bounty said...

Not very long at all! Do you feel prepared for the birth yet? I just had my first baby, a little boy called Marlow, such a great experience. Have you thought about names yet? http://www.bounty.com/babynames/ is a great place to search as you can look by origin and meaning!. Love your blog and your shopping advices - I really hope things go well for you hun! xxxx

Claire said...

I feel about as prepared as I'll be. It's my third, but you never know what to expect, really. Every baby is so different.