Thursday, July 30, 2009

Caffeine detox.. aka my head hurts

I think I have a caffeine headache - as in, lack of caffeine. I don't drink a ton of it - I'm not a regular coffee drinker or anything. But I probably have a diet coke most days, so when I go a few days without, I do get a headache.

My husband is a huge diet coke addict, but when he drinks too much of it, he gets really bad acid reflux. I wish he could just learn something about moderation and keep it to a level that doesn't hurt his stomach. But what always happens is he quits drinking it for a while because his symptoms get so bad, and eventually he'll start drinking it again but only at restaurants. Then he'll get some once in a while elsewhere, but we won't keep it around the house. Pretty soon he'll be drinking several cans/bottles a day again and it will escalate to the point that he's up half the night with horrible heartburn. Then he decides to lay off it again... rinse, repeat.

In any case, when we have it around the house, I tend to drink it too, although rarely more than once a day. But it's enough that when I stop, as I said, my head hurts. It usually doesn't bother me until about day three, and that was today I think. Last week we were on vacation and my husband did some serious damage to himself with all the diet coke he was sucking down; I think he figured it was his last hurrah before he had to cut back again. So I figured this would be as good at time as any to detox myself from caffeine as well. I couldn't drink any caffeine when I was nursing D, so I want to be prepared to cut out caffeine with this baby too, just in case. And I figure now is probably a better time to go through the withdrawl headache than when I'm sleep deprived, hormonal and caring for a newborn 24/7.

Of course, its making an already uncomfortable time all the more uncomfortable, but I'm hoping that by tomorrow or the next day my head will feel fine and all I'll have left is the back pain, the sore pelvis, the shortness of breath and fatigue. Oh, and the heartburn - can't forget the heartburn.

I'm turning into such a complainer.

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