Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two hours is a long time...

... when you're putting your preschooler back in bed over and over.

Tonight was one for the record books. It literally took me two hours to get him to bed. He pulled out all the stops tonight, doing anything and everything he could think of to get me to, well... I don't know. To let him out of bed? To let him out of his room? To give into whatever inane demand he'd thought of that moment? Or just to do something, because I think it was pissing him off that I wasn't talking to him as much as anything.

He hit, kicked, spit a lot (sometimes aiming for me, but mostly in his hands or on the floor), made himself puke three times, tried to run out the door as it would open, dropped to the floor to be dead weight, cried, screamed, kicked the door, threw things at me and basically behaved the way you see kids do on those nanny shows. I thought I felt like I was on the Supernanny before - that was nothing.

But, in an effort to see this play out as a comedy, rather than a horror movie with a subliminal theme designed to keep teenagers from having unprotected sex, here are a few of my favorite lines from this evening's festivities.

"Mom, I'm so angry at you!"
Oh kid, if you only knew...

"This is NOT good manners!"
I'm not sure what manners has to do with it, at least on my part, but ok.

"I'm not tired!"
Oh I know baby, you're not the least bit tired as you practically pass out while standing up.

"Mom, look it's morning!"
Right, because you're going to trick me into thinking it's time to get up.

"I want NOTHING!"
Then why do you keep getting up? I'll give you a whole lot of nothing while you're sleeping.

And my favorite of the night, "Mom, go away and go to bed!" and then he'd point to my room the way I've been pointing to his bed to make him get back in it.

Ah, good times with a three year old.

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~STEISE~ said...

Oh my! Has he been chatting with Elisabeth? I swear, the two of them are in cahoots with this bedtime stuff.

I hope that D decides to sleep again soon.

Big hugs to you, my sleep deprived friend.