Thursday, October 23, 2008

A small step forward

Tonight was better. It took about 50 minutes to get him to bed. That's certainly progress over 2 hours. Thank goodness! I've steeled myself to do what it takes to ride this out, but I certainly did not want a repeat of last night.

This time he added turning on his lamp to the drill. He was actually quite calm for about the last 10 minutes or so, just getting up, turning on his light and opening his door. Then he'd immediately turn around, climb back in bed and wait for me to pull up his covers. He probably did that a dozen times. It really begs the question, WHY? Why does he keep going when he KNOWS all I'm going to do is turn off the light and put him back in bed. He wasn't even trying to do anything else, just got back into bed without me so much as pointing. It makes me worry that he'd rather do this than go to bed and I'm in for a long, long run of this bedtime mess. Or maybe he really is THAT stubborn. Anyone know any good books about parenting strong-willed children?

At least I didn't have to clean up any puke tonight. That's always a bonus.


Mandy said...

I don't have any books to recommend, but it does sound like progress.

I wonder what he'd have done if you ignored the light and the covers?

Claire said...

There were periods where I didn't bother with the covers, mostly because he was getting out of bed again so fast it didn't matter. But as he winded down, I wanted to make sure that he'd be set to stay in bed if he was done. If I didn't put the covers on him, he'd just keep getting up. As far as the light, I turned it off for two reasons - one, if I left it on and he went to bed with it on, he'd very likely be up in the night saying it was too bright (that's happened before) and two, that felt too much like giving in to something and at this point, I'm giving in to absolutely nothing.

We'll have to see how tonight goes...