Saturday, May 2, 2009

T-ball, etc.

Today was D's very first t-ball game! Watching a bunch of 4 year olds try to play t-ball is definitely one of the cutest things ever. They all looked so adorable in their purple shirts and black baseball hats - none of which fit any of them properly. The most they try to get them to do is have someone catch the ball when the other team hits, then throw it to first base. Even that was a stretch. The ball would roll past the first player then the rest of the team would run after it and nearly tackle each other trying to get to it. Then the chorus of "throw to first!" coming from the coaches and parents as the kid with the ball would look around wondering what to do.

On David's first hit he did great, running to first like they told him. But he apparently wasn't so sure where second base was because after the next hit, he went running off away from the baseline entirely. I think he saw a spot in the grass that looked like something was there, and he thought it was second base. It was seriously cute.

I'm completely exhausted from the day and G is sitting in his crib talking instead of napping, which means this afternoon is going to be rough. It does also mean that he'll go to bed early, which I can definitely live with. Gotta look on the bright side!

DH is currently on the road to California to pick up his dream car - we're buying him a 1968 Camaro, the car he has literally wanted since before I met him. And I've known him for 17 years. To say this is a dream come true is an understatement. But in the short term, it means I'm on my own with the boys this weekend, my house is already a complete disaster, G isn't napping, and I'm exhausted. The rest of the day is going to be interesting. Ordinarily I'd be thinking about where to take them to kill some time and get out of the house, but I don't think I can handle another outing. Between helping DH get ready for his road trip, getting us ready, packed up and to the t-ball game, and running around taking pictures at the game itself, I'm beat.

Being pregnant with two kids is tiring!

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