Friday, February 20, 2009

Things I do not need to hear again today.

"I can totally tell I'm still fighting off that cold," said by my husband with an air of "feel sorry for me, I'm so sick."

I've been so sick this week I can barely function. I've had a horrible cold that turned into a raging sinus infection. I feel like I've been hit in the face with a 2x4 and each and every day this week he's complained that he's "fighting something".

"I'm about to pass out, I'm so tired I can't stay awake," said by my husband when it was time for the boys to go to bed - possibly implying he didn't want to help with bedtime? Not sure on that one.

I haven't had a good night sleep in two weeks, between both boys being sick last week and me being sick all this week. It's pretty hard to sleep when you can't breathe out of your nose, your throat hurts from being dry and your head is so stuffed and painful that it hurts to the touch.

I get that he didn't get a good night sleep last night and of course that sucks. But as sick as he is of hearing me complain about how bad I feel, I'm doubly sick of hearing him talk about how he ALMOST has the cold I have. Good for you buddy, you can pump your nonpregnant body with all the vitamin C and airborne you want, sleep all night because you can BREATHE, and IF you do get sick, you can take any medicine you want, plus take time off work, stay home and shut out the world for two days while you sleep it off and get better. I CAN'T FREAKING GET BETTER.

I'm sick of complaining about it too, but seriously I haven't been in this much pain in a long time; probably since the last time I had a sinus infection a couple of years ago. This HURTS and it's all I can do to survive the day because I CAN'T CALL IN SICK. My husband and sister in law have been doing what they can to help me, and I appreciate it very, very much. But the bottom line is, these kids are still my responsiblity and if I'm sick, I just have to tough it out most of the time. Yes, my SIL took the boys for a couple of hours yesterday which was AWESOME. But I'm still sick as hell and if the antibiotics don't kick in soon, I'm going to lose it.

Being sick while you're pregnant is a special kind of torture. There was a time I didn't think there was anything much worse than that. But being sick while pregnant AND chasing around two very active, very energetic little boys is actually worse.

I'm sick of complaining.

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Mandy said...


I wish I could help.

I know we've talked before about my inability to say "I can't do this" but it seems the last few years have been a big, terrible lesson for me about saying just that. I am glad that SIL is helping and that he is too, but the last thing you need right now is to have to coddle him.

I hope you can find some rest this weekend and a way to say that you simply can't be in charge right now. It might involve flat out saying to him, "I'm going to bed, it's up to you, see you tomorrow" even if that's at noon.

You have my hopes that you are better soon, and that he gets over his MAN COLD soon as well.

Currently mine is upstairs, in the midst of a so far two hour nap, because he is so exhausted. Argh.