Monday, November 3, 2008

The time change sucks

Both boys were up before 5am this morning. Obviously their little bodies haven't gotten the memo that it isn't 6am, it's 5... And why D woke at 4:45, I have no idea, but it's been an interesting day nonetheless. I'm seriously tired. When I put G down for bed I whispered to him to stay asleep until at least 6. You know it's bad when you'll be happy if you can "sleep in" until 6am.

D has gone to bed without getting up for two nights in a row. My husband is putting him to bed right now, so we'll see if it continues. It seems like we've turned the corner, but you never know with him. Hopefully by Thursday when I'll have to put him to bed (DH will be working late), he'll be solid enough that it won't matter whether it's Daddy or Mommy doing bedtime - he'll just plain stay in bed.

I know one day I'll look back on this time and laugh - when I'm trying to drag my teenage boys out of bed for school and they won't budge, LOL!

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