Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nothing like a little aversion therapy

Since my husband and I are thinking about trying for another baby not too long from now, I decided to go ahead and go back on metformin (and if there is anyone other than my cyster friends who ever see this, I'm going on metformin because I have PCOS and it helps - short answer). I've been on met twice before, both times when we were trying to get pregnant.

Met is famous for wrecking havoc with your tummy. Lovely side effects, but they usually go away once your body is more or less used to it. Usually, they have you start on a small dose for a week, then add to it each week until you get to your full dose. The first time I started it, I was essentially nauseous for a month as I ramped up to my full dose. The second time, it gave me low blood sugars, especially in the middle of the night (so not pleasant). This time, I'm having my share of tummy troubles, some of the bathroom variety.

You'd think, having been on it twice before, I'd have no trouble remembering what is and isn't ok to eat. You'd think. But apparently I needed some reminding. The first day I felt rotten, but I expected that. Then a day or two later, I ate a candy bar. A whole one. Never mind that I have no business eating a whole candy bar anyway, on met, especially the first week of met, that's just bad. I felt AWFUL. It took me a bit to figure out what was going on and then it hit me - sugar. Sugar + met = BAD. At least for me.

So you'd think after that I'd be good to go, but NOOOOO. Apparently I needed to learn this the hard way. Two more times. DH brought home stuff to make root beer floats. I LOVE root beer floats and I can't remember the last time I had one. I paid dearly for it, but I don't know, that one might have been worth it. It was good. But then a day or two later I had a mocha. Apparently those are off the menu as well.

You know what's funny though - right now I don't have the slightest craving for anything sugary. Chocolate, ice cream, eclairs, donuts, milkshakes, even mochas - all sound horrid. All I can think about is the tummy dramatics that ensued when I ate anything with too much sugar and I have no desire to go there.

See, a little aversion therapy can't be too bad of a thing, right? Maybe that's why some people lose weight on metformin - it isn't that it does anything for their metabolism, it's that they have such rotten side effects whenever they eat bad, they quit eating bad real quick!

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