Thursday, August 21, 2008

My baby is walking

Step... step... step... wobble... step... step... wobble... step... step... wobble... uh oh.... boom!

G started geniunely walking yesterday. He'd walked a step or three for the last couple of days, but only a few times. Yesterday he made it across the room. As luck would have it, I wasn't home for the amazing feat :(. I was at my Bible study group and my sister-in-law was watching the boys. She said he was simply standing up, saw something a few feet away, and walked to it; she got all excited and he seemed to have no idea why she was clapping. My husband got home soon after and they had lots of fun getting him to walk to them - especially once he realized how cool it was and that they were clapping and cheering for him.

D doesn't always know how to handle it when he isn't the center of attention, plus he has a cold, so he spent a lot of time rolling around on the floor and babytalking. Stinker.

My husband called me and as soon as I answered he said, "Your baby can walk!" OMG! I almost cried. When I got home, he obliged and walked right to me on the first try, sticking out his tounge and smiling like he'd just conqured the world.

My life is about to get a whole new level of complicated.

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Anonymous said...

A whole new level of complicated, yes, but awesome as well.

Congrats G on your new skill!