Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another TRI a'coming

I have a race on Sunday, probably my last this year. I'm really, really ready for it to be over. I'm not stressing about the race per se; but I haven't trained for it as hard as I probably should have, and so each day I'm plagued with a small amount of self-guilt for what I should have done. "Definitely should bike this weekened.... Ok didn't bike, but I'll bike next weekend... Ok, didn't again, but someday I'll bike..." I'm worn out by constantly feeling like I should be doing more than I am, even though I know I'm in good enough shape to finish the race and that's all I'm trying to do. But still... the "I should be doing more" feeling is one I'll be happy to put away for a while.

It's a high maintenance race though, because it's so big. I believe there are about 5500 participants - that's a lot of chicks in spandex. We have to pick up our race packet and rack our bikes at the park on Saturday; and of course, those two things happen at totally different places. Different cities in fact, and neither particularly close to where I live. Anyway, bottom line is that after I put G down for his nap on Saturday, I'll be heading to my mom's house (she lives closer) and won't be back until Sunday after the race, officially making this the first time I've left G overnight. Granted, it's with Daddy, but still - a milestone of sorts. Except for the fact that I'll have to get up early to get to the race site, I just may get a pretty good night's sleep!

I'll be breathing a sigh of relief on Sunday when it's done. I feel like I can relax a bit - try some new classes at the gym, not worry about whether I'm running or swimming enough, and stop feeling guilty for almost never touching my bike.

In the meantime, I'm visualizing having a good open water swim. It's 800 yards, which is almost 1/2 a mile - that's a long freaking swim in a huge ass lake.

Think good thoughts for me on Sunday! I'd like to have a good swim (regardless of my time) and finish strong - and most of all have fun (and not melt in the heat - it might be a scorcher).

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Mandy said...

I've been thinking about you lots and will continue to do so! Right now you're hopefully still asleep (I hope you don't have to get up THIS early LOL )

I'm sure the little one is fine, though I understand the nerves about being gone overnight.

Cheering you from a distance, my friend!!