Thursday, May 29, 2008

For those who pray

If you are the praying type, I'd like you to take a moment to say one for Henry Reitzug.

My husband works for an IT company, and their parent company is owned/run by Henry. He's a former pediatrician who has done mission work abroad in numerous countries. He volunteers for Medical Teams International and has been to places like Afghanistan, several African countries, Cambodia and others. He goes and treats children, free of charge, for several weeks at a time. He feels strongly that it is something God is calling him to do and he faithfully answers that call.

He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. His faith in God and his integrity in everything he does are so admirable. He puts his money where his mouth is in every way. He is a devout Christian who embodies so much of what those who follow Christ would aspire to be. Not to put him on too high of a pedestal (after all, he's human like you and me), but he's a special person and he does a lot of good both here at home and abroad. He's become like a grandpa to my boys and is a mentor to my husband.

A few days ago, he left for Darfur. It's arguably one of the more dangerous places in the world right now, but he felt that God was calling him to go. If it's like many of his past missions, he'll be treating anywhere from 50-100 children each day while he's gone - and I think he'll be there for about a month. He goes knowing he may not have enough to eat and he's putting his life in danger.

I'm worried for him, so putting this out there and asking all who do to pray for him. Please pray that the Lord will see to his safety while he is gone and bring him home to his family. Please pray that he brings healing to a people who suffer each and every day and that his work might show some of them that there is love in this world; there is still good here.

This isn't the first time he has gone where the Lord has asked him to go, and I pray this won't be the last. Please Lord, keep him safe.

Thank you.


Mandy said...

Prayers going up for him and his family.

BTW, my phone is sporadic, internet unpredictable and just...yikes..

But if you get a chance, go to and read her post under the "confessions"'s called Mammying up. OMG.

Claire said...

I'm glad you posted, I've been wondering what's up. Because, you know, if I go more than like 48 hours without talking to you I start going through withdrawls.

That post is hilarious! I love it.