Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nine years

Nine years ago today (well, yesterday - I meant to finish this last night but didn't have time) I wore the big white dress, walked down the aisle on the arm of my father and pledged my life to another person.

Our wedding was fantastic. Our friends and family literally talked about it for years. The ceremony was a little long for some (it was in a Catholic Church, but not the full mass, which is even longer), but the reception was a great party. Everything about it was perfect. Sure, there may have been some details gone awry (my dress got dirty during picture taking prior to the ceremony), but those details didn't matter even the tiniest bit when we stood up there and said our vows. The dress, the decorations, the flowers, the tux - all of it melted away and there we were, standing before our loved ones and before God and pledging to be true until death.

We've been through a lot these past nine years. So much has changed, it almost feels as if 9 years isn't enough to hold all that has happened. We started out living in my dad's spare bedroom after returning from our honeymoon, what few posessions we had stacked in a storage unit. Now, we own our second home, complete with four bedrooms that are quite full. We've been through jobs, moves, family dramas, therapy (for him, LOL), the birth of two kids and so much more. Our life is so utterly different today from what it was 9 years ago when we said those vows.

I think if you had asked us that day what we'd like our life to be like 9 years in the future, this would pretty much be it - a good career, a nice house, a couple of kids. It feels good to be where we're supposed to be.


Mandy said...

Many, many, many more!

Erica said...

Happy anniversary! I'm sure there will be a lifetime full of happy anniversaries for you guys. Cheers!