Sunday, December 16, 2007

Big boy night

Tonight D went to bed in big boy underwear!

Wait, I should back up. A few days ago I had a flash of mommy brilliance. D didn't want to wear his cool Thomas underwear, nor his Mickey underwear, not even his Lightning McQueen underwear. He wanted to go commando all the time. At first I figured it was not a big deal, until I had a doctor appointment to take him to. I knew he'd need to get undressed and it would be a little strange to have him completely naked. I had to bribe him into wearing his underwear and it took forever for me to coerce him into it. Sheesh that kid is stubborn.

I figured his underwear must not be very comfortable and if you pick them up, you'll see why. They're not very soft and the waistband felt like it could be itchy. I don't blame the kid for free-balling. I decided to get him some new underwear, minus the licensed characters, and see if those would be more to his liking - and here's where the brilliance comes in. I found him boxer briefs, which are JUST LIKE DADDY! Oh the power of wearing something that is just like Daddy's when you're a three year old boy. He found them sitting out the next morning and exclaimed, "Daddy, what are these? Are they mine?" He was so excited about them he ran off and put them on by himself, and put his jammie bottoms back on (backwards, but hey, he did a pretty good job considering he often refuses to put his own clothes on). So it appears I've solved the commando problem.

So tonight I told him I needed to go downstairs and get more pull-ups, but he said, "No, underwear." I asked him if he really wanted to wear underwear to bed and he said, "Yeah!" Ok kiddo, we'll give it a shot. My husband then explained to him that he needed to get up and go potty if he had to pee and we'd leave the light on in the bathroom for him. As if he'd get up to pee by himself and not come get us - ha ha ha ha ha ha!! I guess we'll see. In any case, he finished my husband's thought and said, "Then go back to bed." Yeah baby, you get the idea.

He did, of course, test the waters a couple of times, coming out of his room twice shortly after we put him to bed, claiming he had to pee. The first time he didn't even undress before deciding he didn't actually have to go and my husband shooed him off to his room. The second time he got on the potty and spent a couple of minutes trying his hardest to squeeze out a drop or two in the hopes of getting his two M&M's, the reward we've been giving him for going potty. Sorry kiddo, back to bed with you.

He also decided tonight that he no longer needs his bedrail. I think he'll be fine; I really don't think he'll fall out of bed. He is used to sleeping right up against the bedrail, which had me thinking he'd refuse to give the thing up until he was 5. After all, it took ages for him to decide he wanted to sleep in his big boy bed. But no, he declared that he's a big boy now and he won't fall out.

Sniff. My baby is growing up so fast. I swear, he turned three and suddenly seems so much older than he did just a week ago.

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